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Join us as we fulfill the mandate given to us by Jesus Christ. Today, as we have the most monumental challenge, As we build and explain  with  destiny and purpose, as we are on a journey to complete one of the greatest missions in all of the world —  By taking the Gospel of Jesus Christ to a new level as we look to reach more communities and every country all over the world. We are out to partner with you and others to go outside of the four walls of the church to win the lost and empower our churches and help build better disciples of all nations. And you can be a huge part of everything that God doing right here with The Glory Network! 

Prayerfully we are always looking for brand new partners to come and join us. As a faithful monthly Partner by promising to invest your monthly seed-gift toward the building a brand new network allowing us to reach more listeners and viewers locally nationally and internationally.


One Time Promise Partner: As a one time partner we are very grateful to you for considering partnering with us because anything you can do is appreciated and can help us to build the kingdom. 

Monthly Promise Partner: I'm enrolling as a Promise Partner you’re partnering with us monthly with a special seed-gift of at least $20.00

Monthly Glory Partner: I'm enrolling as a Glory Partner you’re partnering with us monthly with special seed-gift of at least $100.00

Monthly Global Partner: I'm enrolling as a Global Partner your partnering with us monthly with a special seed-gift of $500 or more