The God's Glory Radio Show  is a global broadcast hosted by  Executive Producer and Host Victor Marshall Founder and President of The Glory Network.  The God's Glory Radio broadcast has had on special guest ministries local , national and internationally. The broadcast started in Atlanta Georgia and was later moved to Charlotte North Carolina but is still being  heard all over the world. The God's Glory Radio Show was used by God to build global relationships with various ministries all over the world. While doing this  broadcast God gave his stamp of approval to open a new global radio station and future television station to the nations.  This broadcast has helped to open doors for others in ministry and at the same time help grow plus develop and educate many other ministries as they  strongly walk in power in their calling ministering and witnesses to those saved and  unsaved outside of the four walls of the church. The Gods Glory Radio Show can be heard on   The Glory Network.  The Gods Glory Radio Show  understands that many of you have a calling on your life. Our desire is to assist you with your vision opening the door for you to be a future  guest on this broadcast and to help you minister and share important information concerning a much need word or information concerning your ministry. We want you to understand that we are also on special assignment by God to create a brand new outlet to give you a voice to touch other Christians and those that are unsaved. Our focus here in Charlotte North Carolina is not only nationally but also internationally.

We strongly encourage  others in ministry  locally nationally and internationally. Every ministry has a special gift to bring with them to this broadcast to  help to better others listening.The words you speak has enough power to change someone else life  forever.  As we partner together we can both walk in our destiny and  purpose.Someone needs to receive a special word or importation from you or another guest on The God's Glory Radio Show.As we partner to use radio and television media by this broadcast and others together we will reach the masses and changes the lives of others by giving them a powerful word and  allowing God to use you to help lead someone else you might  not even know directly  to Jesus Christ allowing them to become transformed and becoming a saved vessel .


Executive Producer and Host Victor Marshall

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